State of the union

With things being so much in flux for a lot of us, it’s understandable that content will be a little light. Nevertheless, we can’t neglect our little corner of the interwebs. Ars Marginal is still the blog for examining arts and entertainment from the less privileged point of view.

We need your help.

Ars Marginal was not set up to be one of those places where people come to visit and hear the untainted brilliance of the “in crowd.” It’s more like the place where us “little people” get to speak our minds about what we really think about the shit the entertainment industry tries to shove down our throats. It’s one part sanctuary from oppressive bullshit disguised as entertainment, one part social commentary, one part rabble-rousing. Hmmm, I should probably add that to the “What the fuck is going on here?” page.

While being a little virtual clubhouse was fun, there seems to be a real need for Ars Marginal to move beyond that. That means more authors, more content, more comments, and more slaying of trolls who have no home training.

What can you do right now? A few ideas:

  • Tell all your online friends about what’s going on at Ars Marginal each time a great discussion or post shows up here.
  • Know somebody who wrote something amazing that fits Ars Marginal’s purpose and style? Cool! Ask them about reposting their content here at Ars Marginal.
  • Got something you want to discuss? Awesome! Let us know by leaving a comment at the new “What do you want to talk about?” page.
  • Tweet and retweet about what’s happening at Ars Marginal
  • Do something else that we didn’t think of but you think would help
We have a good thing going here, and we want that to continue, but it can’t happen without you.

9 thoughts on “State of the union

  1. I have an idea for a couple of article series, and I’ve been pondering finding a home for them.

    Would someone maybe like to e-mail me to talk about it? It’d be a long-term project, progressivist media analysis/re-watch of a couple of popular TV shows. I’d be glad to have a co-author or two on it, too, as i think it’d be a better project with more than one pair of eyes.

    Mods can find my address through my log-in, I believe?

  2. I have an article on things that fandom does that piss me off (all are social justice related in one way or another) would that fit?

  3. Sorry for being late, but I was hoping you would continue to be a guest blogger on my site.

    As far as topics go, I wanted to talk about mainstream rap, but you covered it in one of your posts.

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