New paradigms of urban crimefighting in comics?

Here’s the latest from Frank Miller, everyone! Aren’t you just soooooo excited?

What would be interesting for me is to see urban crimefighting take on a more systemic approach. Instead of going after petty thieves, purse-snatchers, and cat burglars, it would be fascinating for masked vigilantes to go after – I dunno – CEOs approving the dumping of toxic waste into poor neighborhoods. I want to see a crimefighter in Manhattan who watches over the people the police don’t care about (say, poor trans women of color and/or sex workers). Stuff like that.

What about you?

6 thoughts on “New paradigms of urban crimefighting in comics?

  1. Say what you will for old school blacksploitation films, that is one thing they got right. Usually the hero or heroine found themselves facing said CEOs, politicians and other shotcallers who were using their position to oppress the hero or heroine’s community.

    • ^I love that about them too. Also, they gave actors and actresses of color work(we shouldn’t still have such an excuse now tyler perry) and made good parody fodder for films like Black Dynamite.

  2. Reminds me of something Reginald D. Hunter said on a panel show over here in the YooKay.

    (sound sync is awful, but the point is there.)

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