14 thoughts on “Fuck this movie: The Help (2011)

  1. Lawd, MORE White Women’s Fantasy (I’m working on something to post here about the modern day WWF as seen on various cable shows /shamless self-promotion). Like that Black Voices review stated, there’s no coink-kee-dink that in the age where our FLOTUS is undeniably Black, that WW are having that “good ol’ days” fantasy of when us nigger gals “knew our place.”

  2. Oh, and WW, quit stealing our stories in an effort to prop yourselves up and boost your own egos. Honestly, I’m going back to wishing that you all go back to your usual stance which is to talk exclusively about only yourselves as if you were the only women on the planet.

  3. Oh god no. I’d heard about the book and the lawsuit and that was enough, but a movie too? Fuck you, Hollywood.

  4. Wow. The Civil Rights movement was won by middle class white women…..learn something new every day.

  5. Another American Fantasy…

    I have a good Idea for a movie. A Japanese guy helps a white woman after her husband was killed in the Pacific Theater Battles.

    What? You can’t have a foriegn guy stepping on the back of white people but they can do it to others.

    this movie is just like the last samurai

    • That actually sounds like a cool movie concept. The Japanese suffered a hell of a lot of discrimination during WWII in North America, with many being forced into internment camps.

      It’d be awesome to highlight a part of history few people ever really know or think about. You can get rid of the woman entirely, even, just focus on a Japanese person living through those times and trying to get by and dealing with the simultaneous struggle of oppression, racism, and the hope that, one day, they might still find a better life (I imagine there’s culturally specific conflicts too that would be awesome to include).

      I like the sound of this. You could even talk to real victims and get their impression on it.

      Seriously, this should be made.

  6. There’s a blog that completely dissects the racism in the novel and the racism of the author Kathryn Stockett. I’ve been following it for a while and for the long time it was the only source of real criticism for the story, which has been largely embraced (what else is new).


  7. I’m sorry to bump this up..but here goes:

    POC reviewer: Die monster. (no emotion) You don’t belong in this world! (no emotion)

    The Help: It is not by my hand that I am once given flesh. I was called here by moviegoers(emotion!!) who wish to pay ME tribute.

    POC reviewer: Tribute!?! You steal moviegoer’s souls and make them your slaves!

    The Help: Perhaps the same could be said for ALL Hollywhite movies…

    POC reviewer: Your movie are as empty as your soul! viewers ill needs a savior such as you!

    The Help: What is a viewer? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk… (health shows up) Have at you!

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