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I recently purchased this novel along with a few other titles in my Holy Grail-like quest to find decent speculative fiction featuring queer males. I love this cover. Here’s hoping the novel is just as good.

This post was actually inspired by a conversation I had with [info]sparkindarkness regarding queer male media. The following is what I personally own in my library. They feature queer males either as the primary protagonist or in a kickass role. I thought some of these titles might be of interest to some of you.

When I get a chance, I may try to give these a more comprehensive review but for now here are my recs:


Rites of Passage

The Sensei

Brokeback Mountain- Do you even need a link? I was cynical of the hype but I was pleased with the film. And why yes, I am Ennis Delmar. Just to be clear.

Freshmen Orientation- College freshmen pretend to be gay to score with chicks. Only one of them isn’t as straight as one would surmise. Wackiness ensues. A twisted comedy that’s fucked up on many levels.It’s a black comedy. Not black as in African American but black as in tone. This film is offensive. But there’s a lot of wisdom behind the movie, particularly in how it hands social justice, college life, pretentious pseudo intellectuals their asses. Freshmen Orientation reminds me why I DO NOT miss college, AT ALL. The movie also covers identity, sexuality and people trying so hard to be something other than simply who they are: gay and straight alike. The New York Times summed it up best, “A campus comedy with a dirty mouth, an innocent heart and a surprisingly wise mind.” Also, John Goodman playing a flamboyant gay man is worth getting this film alone.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: I’ve discussed this film here and here. Two words: WALLACE WELLS!!! My comic book counterpart.

Save Me– This film served as an honest dialogue between well-meaning Christians and gays. I like that this film shows the merits of both groups and it actually illustrates that it is in fact possible to be both gay and a Christian.

The Covenant- Fuck it, I’m including this film because I’ve seen gay porn that wasn’t as homoerotic as this movie. Hot Abercrombie boys (one of them being Chace Crawford) making magic. It was GLORIOUS!!!!

TV Shows

Queer As Folk- QAF was to the gay community what The Wire was to the urban black community. It was brutally honest, unapologetic and one of the most well-written, well crafted television series period.

Torchwood- If you don’t understand why this series is full of epic win, then you don’t know Jack!!!!

True Blood- One thing I will say about this series. Between Keith from Six Feet Under, and Eggs, Jesse and Lafayette on True Blood, Alan Ball does something that few other shows do. He actually showcases men of color as sexy. More than that he doesn’t mind showcasing queer men of color as sexy. And in the media, both gay and mainstream alike, THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!

Static Shock- A cartoon that features a black superhero and a gay crimefighting best friend. Need I say more?


The Geography Club by Brent Hartinger- I enjoyed this novel a lot more than I expected. It was an endearing and very touching tale. I’ve been reading some of Hartinger’s other stuff and I’ve definitely been feeling him. One of these days, I seriously need to grab the sequel, Order of the Poison Oak (Will gave it to me after he finished and loved it) off of my bookshelf and read it.

Hero by Perry Moore- Most of you know that the late Moore was a friend a personal hero to me. This review is just one of the reasons why.

Torchwood and QAF novelizations- The novels from both series have been surprisingly well done and I’ve immensely enjoyed them.

Graphic Novels

Midnighter- A dark anti-hero that happens to be an unapologetic gay man who is not only one of the most powerful characters in the universe but one of the few hardcore badasses in comics who can call Wolverine, Deadpool, Sabretooth, Punisher and Batman a bunch of punk asses. Midnighter basically is a standing contradiction on the perception of the gay man. He’s not weak, flamboyant, timid or needs to be rescued by the mythical straight boy. He’s proof that masculinity, strength and being an alpha is not exclusive to cis straight men. He’s a role model to gay boys (young and old alike) that you can be queer and still be a badass. But more importantly, he’s a lesson to cis straight readers that our orientation does not define our characters, we do. And we can be whatever we want to be including BAMF who are EPICALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! His series is available in three volumes. Just to see what you’re working with, have a gander.

Dark Wolverine- The fact that the son of Wolverine (Marvel’s Mary Sue) is an LGBTQ (and POC) is trailblazing in its self. I’m also laughing at the homophobic fanboys because their favorite Mary Sue has the icky queer genes which was passed to Daken because EVERYONE knows that the gay gene comes from the father.[nods sagely in Nelson Muntz voice] AH HA! While a villain and your quintessential bad boy, Daken makes no apologies or excuses about who he is, including his orientation and as Bullseye learned, he’s more than willing and capable to settle any grievances that anyone may have about him being bisexual. The pheromone powers…..I’ll be in my bunk. He’s a trailblazing character because queer characters don’t headline their own series Characters of Color don’t headline their own series. Queer characters of color sure as hell don’t headline their own series

Ultimate X-Men- Making Ultimate Colossus a gay man was hands down one of the most brilliant moves in comics. The very concept debunks most of the homophobic stereotypes that inundate society. He’s the powerhouse of the team and is physically stronger than every other member. He maintains that poetic soul without being a pansy as lesser writers would’ve made him be as a gay character. He’s a powerful masculine man who happens to be gay and in comics…that never happens. His storyline was compelling and educational for fans who may have had little if any interaction with LGBTQs. Also making the hawtest X-Man (aside from Cyclops) the gay one: WIN!!!!!!

Young Avengers- Wiccan and Hulkling: two complex and engaging characters who happen to openly gay and in a loving relationship who can still kick ass and take names, and are fun and unique and role models for LGBTQs. Role models as in NOT NORTHSTAR. Young Avengers has been one of the best kept secrets in Marvel and these two are a prominent reason. Whether it’s Hulkling schooling the terrorists on the Bible or Wiccan being a legacy character as a Maximoff and having the baddest mother fucker on the planet (Magneto) as your grandfather, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this pair. Children’s Crusade is already shaping up to redefine the term badass.With the rampant bigotry that pervades the comic book industry, these two give me hope. Here’s hoping that they’re setting the standard for new LGBTQ superheroes to come.

X-Factor- While almost android and childlike in demeanor, writer Peter David has managed to give Shatterstar plenty of personality with his bashful charm.What’s more is that David finally confirmed what comic book fans knew all along, that Shatterstar and Rictor (emo boy) are the original one true brokeback pair.Whatever you do, never mock his star tattoo, less you wind up on the receiving end of a severe beatdown as a few Las Vegas bar patrons learned the hard way. Between Shatterstar and Monet, X-Factor has become my must-read comic.

Wonder Woman [the Gail Simone Run]- One word. Achilles aka the Warkiller aka my future comic book husband.When it comes to Greek and Roman mythology, history revisionists will do their damnedest to erase gay elements from history. If they had it their way, they would have you think that Zeus and Ganymede were platonic drinking buddies. This is why you should never believe that homophobic Frank Miller 300 bullshit as fact. The Spartans were like totally gay! The Greeks were like totally gay! And you know who else was like totally gay, one of the mightiest warriors in history, Achilles. Introduced as a rival to Wonder Woman, Achilles broke much ground right there. Because queer characters are rarely (if ever) placed on equal footing with the prominent cis heterosexual superheroes, especially those who happens to be a member of the Trinity and a flagship title for DC. Gail Simone did an exemplary job in his characterization and his growth and he could easily carry his own title. We would also like to thank Gail Simone for introducing me to my future husband. Because as far as the hawtness goes, well….once again I’ll be in my bunk…..for the next six months.

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  1. I shall have to check a few of these – and hopefully I’ll come across some books I like in my urban fantasy trawl. I have been VERY wary of comics as a genre because gay men have a habit of being tortured, raped and murdered. So I may approach with caution there

    I’m not big fan of brokeback – tragic gay story gets on my nerves. True Blood I have issues with but that would take an entire comment (in fact I have a rant here http://sparkindarkness.livejournal.com/354372.html)

    Torchwood I love – except you need to be IMMORTAL to survive if you’re GBLT in that programme

  2. I haven’t read it, but have you heard of Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey? It’s a supernatural story where the protagonist is gay, but it’s not a Gay Issue story. It sounds like it might be promising.

      • LOL!!!!!

        Several folks have recommended it and I’ve actually been wanting to check it out when it’s released.

        Actually that’s been the one I’ve been checking out and a friend is going to forward me an ARC.

        Thanks for the interview link.

  3. The parallels between the Orthodox Jewish experience and the Mormon experience are striking and I would recommend that every gay Mormon see this film. It speaks directly to the types of conflicts that many gay and lesbian Mormons wherever they may be on the spectrum of activity and or belief have experienced and do experience..The film follows the lives of several gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews and includes interviews with rabbis and psychotherapists about Orthodox attitudes towards homosexuality.

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