That Is Wacker Than Wack

Dear Editors @ Marvel,

And yes Stephen Wacker, this is aimed at you. When fans call out the legitimate issues of the treatment and portrayal of women, POCs and LGBTQs in your Spider-Man comic book such as the following:

“In some ways, I’d actually be LESS offended if the myriad unfortunate implications brought up by the current Marvel crew’s inept storytelling were actually consciously intended, because at least then, even if I disagreed with the worldviews that they were promoting, it could still be a self-aware debate on both sides, whereas the attitudes that Dan Slott and his peers in the “brain trust” have demonstrated, with regard to the attitudes that unconsciously saturate their portrayals of women and race, are pretty much the definition of unexamined straight white male privilege. If you’d bothered to read the comments in the one blog post to which I invited Wacker, you would have seen women and gays and people of color expressing (all in VERY civil ways) how much Marvel’s modern standards of storytelling and audience interaction are HURTING those would-be fans, from Norah Winters’ racist jokes at Michele Gonzales’ expense (a “rice and beans” and “ensalada” line? REALLY?) to the casual slut-shaming of Carlie Cooper implying that any woman who has a “tramp stamp” is indeed a tramp.”

The response NOT TO MAKE is:

“I work with women, gays and people of color who like the book (and even work on it). Now what do we do?”

Backstory can be found here. I won’t lie. Part of me was rooting for Wacker and hoping that he’d be able to make a legitimate case for NuSpidey and at least acknowledge its problems so they could produce better content. But this?

Really Wacker? Really?!!!! A million ways you could’ve responded and maintained some type of credibility

For example: Marvel certainly welcomes everyone and going forward we will certainly take such concerns under advisement, etc.”

And your only response is…..REALLY WACKER? REALLY?!!!!!

You work with women, gays and people of color? And as someone else inquired, are they some of your best friends? I bet you even let them use your bathroom when you have them over for dinner too, don’t you?

Remember this panel here? There’s a reason why this scene was hilarious and we were laughing at Jameson. Because he essentially made the same standard dumbass reply you just made.

First Tom Breevort breaks out the white sheets in stating that a group of black superheroes saving the world is too contrived. And now, this? Seriously?!!!!!!

What is Marvel aiming for, Grand Wizard?


Oh and Mr. Wacker, try asking those women, POCs and LGBTQs their honest opinions when their jobs DON’T DEPEND ON not pissing off their straight white male employers.

Or don’t.

Because they may be all too happy to drop some truth that you might not be ready for.