And now for some good news!

Boosting the signal here at Ars Marginal for some exciting new developments happening right as you’re reading this post.


First and foremost, Hollowstone – the debut novel by our own Neo Prodigy – will be released on Amazon and Kindle on June 17! This is also the day that RVCBard will turn 25 again – for the 6th year in a row.

Here are 12 reasons why you need to pre-order that shit right now. And here are 10 questions answered about Hollowstone.


June is also the month that RVCBard’s Tulpa, or Anne&Me is being presented at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. If you live in NYC or know someone who knows someone who does, let them know about the show!

Did you know that Tulpa, or Anne&Me is going paperless for marketing and promotion? And don’t forget to check out this interview with the playwright and director! Follow the main character of the play on Twitter (@Afrodyke) for updates and interesting conversation.


Spread the word about these amazing projects in exceptional minority media. Blog about it, tweet about it, Facebook about it, e-mail about it. Every bit helps, and you’ll get to say that you discovered us megastars when we were just starting out.

10 thoughts on “And now for some good news!

  1. Thank you so much for this RVC Bard.

    And to everyone reading, I strongly implore each and every one of you to show your love and support these projects.

    Here at Ars Marginal, not only do we critique and analyze how mainstream media gets it wrong, but we also like to boost the signal on those who are doing it right.

    These projects are important not because RVC Bard and myself are at the helm, and for the sake of discussion I’m taking us out of the equation for a moment. Tulpa and Hollowstone are important because queer POCs are fighting to have their voices heard in a world that would rather we didn’t exist.

    This is how change begins, not with a bang but with a first step. Two minorities who got sick and tired of being sick and tired are stepping up to make their voices heard, to share their stories, their art, their gifts with the rest of the world. But they can’t do it alone.

    If you’re tired of seeing women, POCs, LGBTQs be denigrated, ignored and erased, this is an opportunity to take a stand and make a change. This is an opportunity for you to vote with your dollars and support two excellent campaigns that is fighting for better representation. So please, show your love for these wonderful projects. We can’t do it without you.

    [walks away from the pulpit]

    • Congrats. 🙂 I never buy from Amazon’s Kindle store, but for you I’ll make an exception.

      • Thank you so much!!!! That means a lot. The novel will be out in print so if you prefer that, it is available. 😉

    • Preach, brother!

      I think what we’re seeing is more of people like us getting fed up with waiting for someone to make something that: a) remembers that we exist, and b) realizes that BET and Queer Eye are not reliable sources of information about our lives.

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