Black Avengers? How Contrived!!!!!

So an All-Black Avengers team is contrived, defies the laws of averages, and is pushing a PC agenda? Really Tom Breevort?!!! REALLY?!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how every time someone poses the idea of an all black or a POC (persons of color) super hero team, suddenly a PC agenda is being pushed. Inclusion of women and LGBTQs, we can’t have that. But when we see countless all-caucasian superhero teams, we never hear about a supremacist agenda being pushed.

So Breevort isn’t capable of creating a salable and compelling all-black superhero team? Fine, I’ll take that challenge.

My All-Black Avengers Lineup:

Storm- Co Leader
Luke Cage- Co Leader

Black Panther
Blue Marvel
Photon (Monica Rambeaux)
Misty Knight
War Machine
Doctor Voodoo
Ult. Nick Fury

And this team here could more than handle most of the Avenger and Justice League lineups.

And regarding POC content not being salable, I’m just gonna leave this right here.

8 thoughts on “Black Avengers? How Contrived!!!!!

  1. Technically not *all* POC and not based on a comic-book, but I could definitely see that being plausible if it were.

    So, I’m also leaving this here, in response to the idea that POCs don’t sell.


    • It amazes me that no matter how many times POCs prove them wrong, they still want to argue this nonsense.

  2. Remember what Dwayne McDuffie (RIP) said: 3 or more POCs means it’s an agenda.

    Yes, even if they’re based in sub-Saharan Africa.

    • That video came to mind too after I made the post. I was like, McDuffie already called out this nonsense.

  3. I was involved in some of the conversation Brevoort had on Twitter about his comments and I was absolutely appalled. I’m surprised Twitter didn’t fail with the amount of bullshit that was flowing from him.

    • Sue. DC & Marvel seriously need to hire us as social justice PR reps. So we can advise their employees on things NOT TO SAY/DO.

      Of course this would mean we’d be working overtime nonstop.

      By the way Sue, I recently did a piece on Barbara Gordon and gave you a plug on my blog:

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