Recently on Random Fandom, Host Drew Taylor and I discussed dreamcasting. As in if you were making a comic book movie, who would be your dream cast.

Suffice to say I had plenty to discuss on the matter.

You can download the episode here or listen below.


Right off the bat I mentioned Marvel’s best kept secret, Heroes For Hire.

Reuben Langdon as Danny Rand/Iron Fist

Moon Bloodgood as Colleen Wing

Terry Crews as Luke Cage

Vivica A. Fox as Misty Knight.

During the show, I discussed in detail why each actor best suited their respective role. Drew was speechless as all he could do was agree.

And while I didn’t mention her on the show, the perfect actress for Jessica Jones came to me later. You have to include Jessica Jones who for all intents and purposes is now a member of the Heroes For Hire/Daughters of the Dragon clique.

Holly Marie Combs as Jessica Jones.

But Wait, There’s More!!!!!

Victoria (WWE)/Tara (TNA) as Barda– I don’t care what anyone says. Barda, Ms. Former Captain of the Furies and I lay the smackdown on dragons in one shot, definitely deserves her own film and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Tara.

Donald Glover and Lucas Grabeel as Static Shock and Gear– Awhile back there was an internet campaign to cast Donald Glover in the revamped Spider-Man movie. I say rather than doing that, how about pushing for a campaign to bring a back superhero to the forefront in his own movie. Static Shock is a Spider-Manesque character and has already proven that he has crossover appeal with a hit cartoon series. And having Gear, a gay superhero as his partner, FULL ON WIN!!!!

Michael Jai White as Black Lightning– This is my dreamcasting and I want some black folks in my comic book movies. Michael Jai White is definitely your quinitessential leading man and he could easily hold down several of the roles listed on this post. As a leading man, he need a leading role. Black Lightning is that guy. And using his extensive martial arts skills with electromagnetic powers, I could easily see this Black Lightning using lightning fast punches and kicks.

Anthony Montgomery as John Stewart– I want a John Stewart Green Lantern movie. And I want it now damn it. And Anthony Montgomery might be the guy to fit the bill.

Gabrielle Union as Vixen– I’m not gonna lie. I was looking at actresses who should play Vixen and I happened upon Gabrielle Union. At first glance I didn’t think she would be a great fit. But as I thought on it more, I realized that she could work. Her resume proves that she’s capable of range: horror, drama, comedy. She’s breathtakingly beautiful and she’s more than capable of mixing it up be it Night Stalker or Cradle to the Grave. And look at the outfit. She’s practically saying “I’M VIXEN. CAST ME IN A FILM SO I CAN ROCK THAT ROLE.” One word for both Vixen and Union: FIERCE!!!!!

CCH Pounder or Pam Grier as Amanda Waller– Both of these women have portrayed this character beautifully. I’d be happy to see either of them resume the role of one of the baddest chicks in comics.

Idris Elba or Isaiah Mustafa as Black Panther– A sci-fi nerd and comic book nerd, Mustafa has expressed interest in portraying Luke Cage in a live-action film. While I don’t think he’s a fit for Cage, I think his regal demeanor is perfect for T’Challa. And Idris Elba….well he’s Idris Elba.

Erica Tazel as Shuri– One of the breakout stars of FX’s Justified, Tazel is a definitely worthy of the mantle of the Wakandan superheroine.

Marjean Holden as Photon– If you are familiar with the actress and the characer, you will know why this casting is gold.

Ryan McPartlin as Captain America– While Chris Evans has convinced me that he’s going to do a great job as Steve Rogers, Captain Awesome will always be my first pick.

Gina Torres as Storm- While my first choice, I’ll be the first to concede that my friends have previously made some very strong convincing arguments with some worthy contenders.

 Ellen Wong as Cassandra Cain– Nuff said!!!!!

Alan Ritchson as Freedom Ring– My first act would casting director, executive producer, and writer would be to make right what Marvel got wrong and erase the homophobic fail that Marvel’s answer to Kyle Rayner was subjected to. And because he’s already done the impossible by making Aquaman cool, Alan Ritchson would definitely be the leading man I would want let Freedom Ring!!!!

And since I’m dreamcasting, let’s talk about my favorite franchise. A Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power

Hugo Weaving as Skeletor– He’s played Agent Smith and the Red Skull. Let’s face it. Weaving is so good at being bad.

Melina Perez as Catra– Before I had anyone else cast, I knew for years that Melina would be first choice in a Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power film. If you’ve seen her in action in the ring, then you would know why.

 Morena Bacarin as Evil Lyn

Chris Hemsworth as He-Man– I’ve had my eye on Hemsworth since NuTrek. And when I mentioned the hottie that played Captain Kirk, people were like, no Neo, that wasn’t Chris Hemsworth, that was Chris Pine. And I was like nooooo, Kirk’s father (though Pine is fine too). For anyone who doubts that Hemsworth doesn’t have the chops to be He-Man google pics of him as Thor and then come talke to me.

Laura Vandervoot as She-Ra

Rachel Nichols as Teela

And last but certainly not least…….

Misha Collins as Midnighter- I frikkin want a Midnighter movie.I want one NOW! NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!

You know, thinking about these films kinda pisses me off. Because I could so see these movies making both DC and Marvel so much bank and they would be incredible and we’ll never see them in theaters.

Oh well, a boy can dream.

13 thoughts on “Dreamcaster

    • I love Roselyn Sanchez. She is awesome. I could see her as Montoya.

      Michelle Rodriguez would also be another good choice. She has a certain grit that Montoya gained after 52, losing Vic and becoming the Question.

      • You know what it would be a battle for the role.
        Michelle fits that young woman role, but Sanchez is more Mature though. Donno you put me a conundrum here.

  1. Those are some damn fine choices, good sir. I admit that my ideal Storm will always be Angela Bassett, but Gina would also bring all kinds of awesome to the part.

    • Several folks on my blog mentioned Bassett and some other worthy contenders for the role.

  2. Iman.

    Then, now, and forevermore is real-life Storm.

    I think I saw even saw her eyes white-over once.

    Oh! And extra, extra props for including Marjean Holden. one of the under-under-appreciated genre stars of color.

    She was fantastic in the Beastmaster series.

    • Girl yes. I love some Marjean Holden. Why no one hasn’t given her a movie/tv series is a crime in itself.

  3. Iman.

    Then, now, and forevermore is real-life Storm.

    I think I saw even saw her eyes white-over once.

    So the whole supermodel married to a rock legend is just her cover?

    • Like I’ve said before.

      Any chick bad enough to capture the heart of DAVID BOWIE, is straight out of a comic book.

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