Tulpa is ALMOST there thanks to YOU!

Everything you’ve done so far – big favors or small acts of kindness – is the reason why Tulpa, or Anne&Me has come this far. No matter what your role is in this project – artist, audience member, moral support or just a little help in the background – means a lot. I really appreciate everyone who’s had a hand (or finger or toe) in making Tulpa possible.

Because of you, we have less than $150 to go! That’s only 6 people donating just $25 each!

If Tulpa, or Anne&Me has touched your life in any way, please let people know by:

  • forwarding this e-mail to friends you think would be interested
  • connecting to RVCBard on Twitter
  • sending your ideas for the next phase of Tulpa, or Anne&Me
  • leaving comments  here at Ars Marginal or on my blog Love’s Labors Lost
  • telling a friend (or 10) about this crazy play you heard about/acted in/directed/contributed to
  • pitching a story or project related to Tulpa, or Anne&Me so we can get the word out
  • coming to the FUNraiser on April 9 (if you’re in NYC) so you can meet everyone and have a good time

Working on Tulpa, or Anne&Me has taught me something very important: to challenge my expectations. Most of the people contributing to Tulpa, or Anne&Me have not been artists or activists or academics, but regular people who’ve read the script or checked out Tulpa‘s IndieGoGo campaign and said, “Yes, this is what I need to see,” or “Finally! Someone who’s talking about this like a real person and not a pundit,” or “Thank God! Someone understands!”

It cuts across age, income, and race. It gives me a lot of hope to see that the greatest hope for real change comes from everyday people like you.

I appreciate that, and I mean it.


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