Being Gay Is Okay…..Or Is It?

So a few days ago on the Outer Alliance forum, someone posted about New York Times bestselling  author Jessica Verday pulling her gay themed story from upcoming anthology.

You can read the details here.

The shorthand: Verday was part of an upcoming dark fairy romance anthology, WICKED PRETTY THINGS, and wrote a boy/boy tale for it. The editor claimed the publisher wouldn’t approve of it and she’d need to
make one of the characters a girl. Verday called BS on the claim as the publisher had previously produced m/m titles in the past. Verday pulled the story in protest. It now turns out the editor didn’t even check with the publisher first, and the publisher would’ve actually been fine with it.

The editor’s response was added to the blog post. Her response includes offering to show a YouTube video of her wrestling a gay guy.

I applaud Verday for standing tall and doing the right thing and I hope other authors follow her example.

What really disturbs me is that a lot of the comments that I’ve read.

“I can’t believe the editor said such things.”
“I’m shocked people still have these kind of attitudes.”
“I’m just appalled that someone would have a problem with a gay story.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Do you honestly think this was an isolated incident or these kind of attitudes are happening in a vacuum?

This is most pervasive of the industry as a whole.

Ask yourself how many novels there are out there in mainstream speculative fiction that feature LGBTQs, particularly gay males, as the primary protagonists? For that matter ask yourselves how many mainstream speculative novels feature POCs.

In other words, if it ain’t straight and white, it ain’t right.

While the editor was being reprehensible, the truth is, she was being far more upfront in her bigotry than most are.

See most editors and publishers who see a story featuring an LGBTQ or a POC will simply say it’s just not a right fit for what they publish and keep it moving. While they’ll reject it because of racism or homophobia, they’ll hem and haw and use every other lie and excuse to save face.

So until more people start demanding better, until more people start following Verday’s example in standing tall against bigotry, don’t expect incidents like this to be isolated….Because the truth is, it’s simply business as usual.

8 thoughts on “Being Gay Is Okay…..Or Is It?

  1. this is one of the things that bugs me a lot (I see it sometimes in my bad news round ups)

    Something happens. Something homophobic and ridiculous and vile and we get people saying “I’m shcoked! SHOCKED!”

    Shocked? Really? Are they this unaware? are they this insulated?

    • i think both you and I know the answer to that. What really cooks my noodle is whether or not they believe we actually buy that shit.

    • Yes. A friend linked me to that post. I was giving a standing ovation for the full-on win.

  2. Are you fucking kidding me? Do you honestly think this was an isolated incident or these kind of attitudes are happening in a vacuum?



  3. I dunno, I have long since stopped being surprised by bigotry but it still manages to shock me every time. Shock carries connotations of violent disturbance, and I definitely experience encountering other people’s bigoted states of mind as violent and shocking, even while I am not surprised by them.

    Maybe that’s not what general online commenters mean, though.

    • There’s a difference between being shocked at someone’s reprehensible actions and realizing that bigotry still exists, and being shocked that bigotry exists…at all.

      The examples I was calling out belong to the latter.

      • I was about to comment on the latter being self-congratulatory, i.e., “I’m so untouched by racist/homophobic thoughts that I can’t even imagine something so uncouth!” , but then I realized I already said that. 🙂

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