New additions at Ars Marginal!

Where y’all at? I’ve been working my ass off here!

Anyway, we’ve got some new additions to the list of websites and blogs. It’s amazing the things you’d find if you just look for them (hint, hint, mainstream media)

First off, there’s SciFi Latino, which is dedicated to Latinos in sci-fi and fantasy. I really loved Afterglow, a short film about what happens after we whup alien ass after the invasion.

Then there’s Women, Action & the Media, a grassroots organization geared toward – you guessed it – women in the media. Take a look at WAM! It Yourself, their decentralized version of their annual conference.

Women and Hollywood is the IndieWire blog about women in the film industry.

AFFRM (African American Film Festival Releasing Movement) is working to get distribution for more independent African American films.

Got anything else that should go up there? People who should write for Ars Marginal? Let me know in the comments!