A not-so-gentle reminder

Since there have been a few recent attempts at bringing privileged wankery to this blog, I feel it prudent to remind everyone – nah, let me be honest: the asshats who can’t be bothered to check their privilege before posting here – about a few things. You would think that after reading the links in BOLD COLORFUL UPPERCASE LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE that some of these people would take the goddamn hint and keep themselves the fuck out of here, but no – they insist upon dragging their shit here and trying to derail what we’re trying to do.

HINT: it’s not about convincing privileged people to believe us or be nicer to us.

In case you come here somehow thinking that everybody’s opinion is welcome and valid here, allow me to disabuse you of some erroneous assumptions you may bring. This is not a democracy. This is not the place for anybody and everybody to say whatever inane, asinine bullshit they can come up with and expect to be taken seriously. I’ve made it really fucking clear what this space is about and who it’s for. If what you bring here detracts from that, I’m not engaging with it. Period. End of discussion.

If you’re going to comment here, it would be in your best interest to get an idea about what the fuck is going here and act like you got some home training before you decide to show your ignorant ass. If you’re lucky, I simply won’t publish your comment. If you’re not so lucky, I will publish your comment and entertain myself with by watching the replies you get.

While we welcome people who are here to learn about cultural media from a marginalized perspective, this is not a 101 space. If you’re shaky about what racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and class privilege are and how they operate, you should probably educate yourself before you come on here with bullshit straight out of Derailing for Dummies.

And, by the way, Privilege Denying Dude is not welcome here.

3 thoughts on “A not-so-gentle reminder

  1. Oh and braintrust, sending your flunkies (and this is assuming you’re not sock puppeting again) to troll is just 10 kinds of sad and funny.

    It also proves our point because you wouldn’t be acting this way if you didn’t think we were right.

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