Dan Slott: We Are Sick Of Your Shit!!!

THIS, Dan Slott, is just a small example of the racism you were getting called out on in regards to NORAH WINTERS. Because black men have never had to contend with the big black dick to satiate white women trope in the media ever. But oh wait, Norah Winters can’t possibly be racist, after all, she’s fucking a black guy.

Between that and the manual labor crack, you are following Joe Kelly quite well in the rampant racefail.

But more on Norah “Grand Wizard In Training” Winters in a bit.

Let’s talk about the epic fail that is Dan Slott and how he’s a perfect example of HOW NOT to show your ass on the internet. Specifically spamming this very blog after being called out on his racism. And how we here at Ars Marginal DON’T PLAY THAT SHIT!!!

But in order to truly appreciate this sad sordid saga, a little backstory of what’s been brewing over the last couple of weeks is in order.

While Slott is notorious for online beef with fans, it was the following exchange which set all of the events of this latest episode in motion:

Recently over on Comic Book Resources, a member by the name of Ramage made the following comment:

It is jus a paycheck for Slott anyway. He’s not a real fan. A real fan would never work for a company that betrays fans that way. A few years from now he’ll be working in some other medium and telling people how he was there for the dying days of the comic book. He’ll proud of it claiming he gave it a viking death. He’ll be laughing at all of us who ever cared for a drawn character owned by a huge corporation that we couldn’t influence. “Simps,” he’ll call us. Then he will go back to scripting whatever reality show has hired him to be a staff writer and go home to his supermodel wife and have amazing multipositioned sex. And he’ll get letters from his kids in Ivy League schools and he’ll brag about how he dragged the last few dollars out of SPider-man before he become just another guy in costume a disneyworld.

Yes I am laying it on heavy.

Slott’s response:

As a guy who turned down a side job this year for a paycheck that would’ve been over a third of his yearly income– BECAUSE it would’ve meant cutting back on his not-so-lucrative comic book writing career– and get in the way of working on his Spider-Man dream job…

…and the guy who slept less than 12 hours over the course of 4 days this week working on a script while he was sick… a guy who finally had to be ORDERED off it by his editor to go see a doctor… and is still in a good deal of pain today…

…this is the first time I think I’ve ever said this to somebody over a comic book message board:

Go fuck yourself.


Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Ramage replied to Slott’s comments:

If only it were anatomically possible.

Jesus Dan, did you read the whole thing? It was so over the top what with the supermodels and ivy league schools and the mustache twirling, I thought it was obvious that I was doing schtick.

Well let me do something I never do on an internet message board either:

I am sincerely sorry if I offended you. I come here to have fun and get some information and sometimes give some feedback. I am relatively new here. I don’t know you personally and or anything about you too much. I saw that you and Wacker are vocal defenders of the One More Day revision and I have an honest dislike of that revision. So I just went off from that.

I don’t come here to get people mad at me and don’t consider it a badge of honor to get told eff you by a comic book creator.

I sincerely apologize. And wish you well. Hope you are on the magazine as long as you want to be.

(I still wish you’d bring back the marriage and answer the deal with the devil problem)

This of course sparked a debate on the standards creators should adhere to on fanboards. Slott has had a number of sycophants rooting him on for sticking it to the “mean fan.”

On his blog Box summed up the dynamic brilliantly:

“I’m also amused by the support Slott has received from the Bleeding Cool commenters, if only because it reminds me so much of the Tea Party protesters who earn working-class wages but subscribe to Ayn Rand Objectivism nonetheless, since both groups grow incensed at any suggestion that those who already possess the most power and privilege within a given system should have their unchecked entitlement challenged in any way by critics, even though those who most strongly defend the supposed rights of the powerful and privileged to retain their entitlements are just as likely to be shortchanged by such a system as those who dare to criticize it.

Both groups’ motives for acting against their own interests are likewise similar, since just as the blue-collar workers who would benefit from government aid will rail against it on the grounds that they themselves might one day be rich, and they despise the notion that they might have to pay higher taxes if and when this reversal of fortune ever comes to pass, so too do the readers who defend a famous writer’s temper-tantrums and scorn for his own audience do so because they fantasize that, one day, they’ll be famous authors too, and they’ll be damned if they give up any pretext to treat their own imagined future audiences like shit.

Except that, in the meantime, the low-income teabaggers who cry out against wealth redistribution that would take a little from the rich to give a lot to the poor are themselves still among the poor, and the readers who praise supposedly “professional” writers for their disproportionate responses to their fandoms’ negativity are themselves still among those audiences that those writers feel entitled to treat with such dismissive contempt.”

Personally I don’t expect comic book creators to act as punching bags. I’m well aware of the fact that there are some obnoxious douchebags in comic book fandom. Hell, my posts regarding my modding of Scans Daily is a testament to that. And if this commenter had say insulted Slott’s family, threatened his life, or made a bigoted comment, that would’ve been one thing. But telling a fan to go fuck themselves because they said you weren’t real fan and you were only collecting a paycheck. Really? And on top of that they were being satiric. Seriously???

I wish I could say it stopped there but well, it didn’t.

Despite claims of wanting the matter to go away, Slott then called Box out and accused him of threatening his life by claiming Box stated that Slott should “die in a fire.”  Yes that popular internet expression. Only problem is, Box never stated it. In fact he went back to all of his blog posts and forums to make sure he hadn’t said it and possibly forgot about it. Several commenters have stated that Slott is confusing Box with another member but Slott insists, despite not having any evidence it was Box.

And then of course let’s not forget Slott’s been beefing with the Spider-Man Crawlspace and accusing them of “hacking” his Wikipedia page. Like BD said, he’s going after them because they’re an easy target.

Shortly thereafter, Slott began trolling a woman’s personal blog for disagreeing with his recent antics. Yeah internet tough guy is pushing around women. Suffice to say the woman, [info]bitemetechie had more than enough backup.

No longer able to stomach his hypocrisy, I replied to Slott as well:

The only comic I’ve picked up in the NuSpidey era was the Obama issue being a proud man who is gay and of both African and Native American descent, it meant a lot to me that Marvel was acknowledging the milestone blacks had achieved in this country with the election of America’s first black president. While I am by no means a fan of the NuSpidey fustercluck, I gave Marvel it’s due on that issue.

So you can imagine how much of a punch to the throat it’s been in regards to seeing Norah (the Grand Wizard In Training) Winters in action making racial slurs about people of color left and right. Oh but wait, she can’t be racist because she’s fucking a black guy. Because African American men have never been demeaned as 3/5 subhuman savages whose only good for our sexual prowess and well endowed penises. Yeah we don’t have to put up with that shit from ignorant white folks everyday in real life. And why straight white men are so invested in our cocks, I have no idea.

Because Latino women have never been insulted and degraded by racist assed white folks.

And no this isn’t about political correctness. It’s about a little gawd damn respect. It’s one thing to watch a rated R Scorcese flick about mobsters and criminals who engage in racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior. They’re bad people. It’s another to see the same unacceptable behavior from an iconic comic book series that’s supposed to be inclusive of everyone. Specifically people of color who are spending our hard earned money to buy these issues. Did you not forget that’s why Spidey has stood the test of time. He’s the underdog everyone can relate to. Not just privileged straight white men. And that “I’m racist to be edgy trope”, that shit has been played out. So if you’re going to call yourself a writer, I’m gonna need you to step your game up.

You make your living on writing a racist character who denigrates people of color and you have the fucking gall to thow a bitchfit online about how your fee fees are hurt and how your character and integrity has been compromised.

You know what, FUCK YOU! You don’t get to get offended about your fee fees being hurt when you engage in the racist fail that is Norah Winters and insult POC readers. You go pick a fight with some fucking kid online because they make a half-assed joke in passing about how you’re not a real fan. You wanna go tell someone to go fuck themselves, go take your own gawd damn advice.

AND NOW THIS! You’re stalking a woman on her own personal fucking blog. Real classy!!!!

And if you invested half as much energy into honing your craft as you did engaging flame wars and cyberstalking, you’d probably put Dickens to shame..

And another thing, by arguing with Box, Bitemetechie and the others, you’ve essentially proved their points for them. Way to go.

And with sales tanking the way that they are, can you really afford to alienate a single fan/customer at this point and juncture? Can you really?

Having no response to being called out on his racism, Slott employed the classic tactic of “THE BLACK PERSON IS SOOOOOOO CRAAAAAAAAZEEEEEEEE!!!!” and purposefully misquoting me on his twitter.




You’ll note that he didn’t link to the discussion presumably out of fear of being called out by his readers on intentionally misquoting me.

To be fair, up until that point Slott had a modicum of plausible deniability. While I didn’t agree with how he reacted, I will be the first to say that an argument (albeit a weak one) could be made in Dan’s defense in him telling Ramage to go fuck himself. Miscommunication on the internet, a satiric joke was taken out of context. Slott was feeling less than stellar. Okay fine, it happens.
I could also forgive Slott for mixing Box up with someone else. Even if he is wrong, he genuinely thought Box was the culprit in question and he was reacting out of genuine concern. While I still don’t agree with how he handled things, I could give him the benefit of the doubt on that.
But when he began trolling Bitemetechie’s blog and picking an argument with her, to me that was a new low.
I have a problem with a grown man (a “pro writer” no less) trolling a woman’s personal blog. He doesn’t know her and he had no business on her blog.
The fact he deliberately misquoted me on Twitter and lied about the point I made calling out Norah Winters’s racism and the fact that he didn’t mention names or provide links (possibly out of fear of being called out by his own readers) to me that came across as malicious intent. Because to me if derailing and deflecting being checked on racism and white privilege by a POC isn’t a shining example of well……racism and white privilege, I don’t know what is.

And let’s talk about Norah Winters. This is a character who regularly engages in some of the most racist behavior this side of Birth Of A Nation.

From issue #576:

Peter Parker: Maybe we should split up. Cover more ground.
Norah Winters: What? And leave little ol’ me in the Big Bad Bronx without any protection? Someone of color might speak to me.

And from issue #606:

Norah Winters: Honey, Pete hasn’t found the stones to ask me out yet, but I’m not your problem.
Peter Parker: Yet? I —
Norah Winters: It’s because your booty looks like it swallowed a sack of dead puppies.
Michelle Gonzales: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!
Norah Winters: Next time someone slides you a plate of rice and beans, grab some ensalada, honey.

Now while much of this was done under writer Joe Kelly’s watch, between a racist white woman joking about an African American’s penis size and that same racist white woman calling another character the racial slur “Manuel Labor”  (which by the by, how in the blue hell is this comic rated appropriate for 9-year-olds again?), it’s evident that Slott has no qualms picking up where Kelly left off in the racist tropes writing.


Not able to refute the the truth, he has dodged, misquoted and deflected every time this issue has been mentioned.

He then further proved my point by running on Twitter and actually claiming that Norah Winters wasn’t racist because she’s dating a black guy and that she’s not racist like “those real racists.” Defending white supremacy to person of color. Always a smart play.

Earlier tonight, I found out that Slott trolled and spammed my previous post here on Ars Marginal. It got so ridiculous that RVC Bard was forced to delete his comments and ban Slott.

Clearly someone has learned nothing from this whole ordeal.

Though to Slott’s credit, this has been more entertaining than anything he’s written for Spider-Man.

14 thoughts on “Dan Slott: We Are Sick Of Your Shit!!!

  1. To quote Luke and Leia Skywalker, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

    You owe me a flamethrower and asbestos suit.

    As well as a case of Bacardi and two cases of Coke.

  2. “Though to Slott’s credit, this has been more entertaining than anything he’s written for Spider-Man.”

    Now that is a lovely bit of burn. I really enjoyed the whole article for summing up some of the worst of Slott’s bullshit.

  3. “Though to Slott’s credit, this has been more entertaining than anything he’s written for Spider-Man.”


    I just sat down and read through all the LJ links. What a clusterfuck.

  4. But…that bit with Norah from 567 is taken entirely out of context. Why would you do that unless..?


  5. Ahhhhhhh,

    Is somebody sending his butt monkeys to troll on his behalf (assuming he’s not just sock puppeting again)?

    A little advice: sending racist white folks to whitesplain and defend racism to people of color = epic fail.

    But these are the actions of someone with something to prove, and the actions of someone trying to assuage a guilty conscience.

    And hiding tweets to cover your ass when you get called on your shit…..dick move.

    But thank you for proving my point for me. And as long as you continue to miss deadlines then I’m doing a service to Real Spidey fans everywhere.

    In any event, try to have a nice day. Mmmmmmkay?!!!!!!!!


  6. Dan Slott has been doing this crap for years. He once tracked down my myspace blog and started responding to it in order to “correct” me for the benefit of all five people who read it. I was forced to delete the entire account his stalking was so bad. He and Steve Wacker also routinely blasted me on CBR and even got me banned from Crawlspace for some nonsense or other. How this incompetent, Internet-trolling cretin gets paid to write The Amazing Spider-man is beyond my power to comprehend. Whatever, I only collect pre-OMD Spidey comics anymore, so I don’t really care beyond a small personal gratification in seeing someone of such low character as Slott lose what miniscule amount of cool he had over something as mundane as having his “fandom” questioned. I don’t know nor care who these racist new characters are, since I haven’t read Slott’s garbage in years. What does bother me is that he is getting away with sending these messages out to impressionable kids. I wonder if the brats who made the bus monitor cry ever read Slott’s Spidey. His writing certainly sets that “go fuck yourself” example.

    -Ron Ferraro

  7. · I need a separate point for this criticism and this is gonna be a long one. Not only content with giving Spider-Man fans this Superior rubbish for another year at least, Slott desecrates the very nature and essence of Peter Parker’s character in order to justify why SpOck is going to make the better Spider-Man than Peter for the time being. And then, and then we have the absolute horror of horrors occur. SpOck asks Peter why he interfered with finding the scanner so he could cure a little girl. And Peter says he did it so Ock wouldn’t find him in his mind. That’s right, Peter Parker, the man who sold his marriage to the devil to save his aunt doesn’t want Ock to save a dying little girl because he wants to save his own skin. Such an event happening is a definite call for cursewords so if you know any, imagine they are supplemented in this review. This disgusted me when I saw it on the page. Absolutely disgusted me. I was expecting bad things but for Slott to do this to my favourite Marvel character, it’s utterly reprehensible. For Peter to be this worried about himself to not care about whether the girl died is a disgrace to Spider-Man’s character. Do you know what makes a Superior Spider-Man for me? Someone who makes sacrifice upon sacrifice to do the right thing, someone who faces trial after trial yet stays on the right path, someone who has lost many people he has cared about in his life but still adheres to be a responsible person and hero to others and continue what he does to help other people selflessly. These are all things Peter has done time after time yet in that one moment of bad characterisation, Slott has ruined all those good moments by having Peter act like a self centred jerk just to make SpOck look like a Superior Spider-Man.

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