Via Loose Canon: Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi

Loose Canon describes five Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi, with an emphasis on Black women.

Science Fiction and Fantasy often takes us to strange new worlds to take wonder in and gives us exciting adventures to watch over and over again. Many people who found their calling in the scientific and mathematics fields will sometimes cite their passion for a particular TV or movie series, Star Trek being perhaps the first mention for many.

However, even in these fantasy worlds, the dark stains of bigotry and privilege will show up from time-to-time. For Women of Color, especially Black Women, this situation will come to the forefront more often than not. In the almost 50 years of science fiction and fantasy viewing, characters that Black Women and other Women of Color portray on-screen and in print media can usually be put into 5 different categories of stereotypical tropes in Science Fiction: The Token, The Traitor, The Incompetent, The Tragic Warrior, and The Tragic Mistake.

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Representing heroism

I love fantasy. I love magic and elves and dragons and shit. I’m the girl who would love to spend a weekend watching entire extended edition Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know Red Sonja is a piece of shit but I’ll watch it whenever it’s on TV anyway (when I have access – which is only when I’m visiting my family in Virginia). I love the fuck out of Willow.

Eragon and the D&D movie can kiss my ass for being fantasy movies for people who hate fantasy.

It’s funny that I bring up Willow too, since it touches upon something that, as a fantasy genre buff and a roleplayer, has been a concern of mine for a while: the overwhelming straight White cis maleness of heroes.

We want to be heroic too!!!