What If Scott Pilgrim Wasn’t A Straight White Male?

So with the Scott Pilgrim movie out in theaters this weekend, there’s been a lot of discussion on the story, particularly the merits (or lack thereof) of Scott Pilgrim as a character. I’ve been sitting here shaking my head and LOL at all of these Pilgrim apologists who are defending every heinous thing Pilgrim has done and want to prop him up as a champion who is fighting for love.

In fact a lot of the same tired arguments defending Pilgrim are the ones that were used to defend Bella Swann and Edward Cullen.

To put my opinion of the Scott Pilgrim series in perspective, I’ve read all six graphic novels, seen the movie, own the soundtracks (I’m listening to it while composing this post) and consider myself a Scott Pilgrim fan. That said, Scott Pilgrim is a douchebag. He’s a trifling, shiftless, broke sad excuse of a manchild. A grown ass manchild who preys on and exploits high school girls like a true predator. Just because he’s the titular character does not make him a good person.

Make no mistake, Scott Pilgrim is the male answer to Bella Swann. The only difference between Pilgrim and Swann is at least Pilgrim gets called out on his BS and isn’t treated as a Mary Sue and he actually evolves by the end of the story and said redemption is improved immensely in the film.

As I alluded to in the discussion of my movie review, the real question I’d like to have answered, is how many Scott Pilgrim apologists would be defending his douchebaggery if he wasn’t a straight white male.

What if Scott was a man of color and treated Knives the way he did, especially if she had been a white girl? I can’t even begin to count how many people would be screaming misogynist at the EVIL POC.

What if Scott was a POC that was broke, jobless and leeching off the people in his life? Would he be a slacker that’s just hit a dark place and not living up to his full potential or would he be a statistic, another example of how ALL OF US POCs are just looking for a handout?

What if Scott was a gay man, scamming on high school boys, and emotionally manipulating and using them in the same manner he used Knives? Would people be defending his bullshit then or would he propped up as another example of how us evil homos have an agenda to bag some mythical straight boy ass and to recruit and convert them into our evil collective.

If Scott Pilgrim was anything other than a straight white male, we would be having a completely different conversation.

Privilege, it’s a hell of a thing.

7 thoughts on “What If Scott Pilgrim Wasn’t A Straight White Male?

  1. Could you imagine if Scott Pilgrim were a woman? What would she have to do to get away with acting like that?

    And since female!Scott is unemployed, she needs a few male dupes to support her financially. Nothing like depending on a man to foster independence.

    She’d have an eating disorder, definitely. Gotta stay thin so you can look helpless enough to make men feel manly for being around her.

    A reputation as a leech who sleeps around is not the kind of currency you want when you’re a woman, so she’d better change her name (and preferably her face) every time she changes partners because stuff like that gets around. After all, who a woman sleeps with isn’t just her business, it’s everybody’s. Whatever respect she would have garnered as a human being goes out the window, since a woman who’s promiscuous or playing the field is just a slut and nothing else.

    Oh, look! The new man in female!Scott’s life! Whoopie! It’s Prince Charming! The search is over!

    Not so fast. If female!Scott wants to keep him, she’d better mind her P’s and Q’s. If she wants Prince Charming, so do a whole lot of other women. This means waging a war on the rest of womankind. Cut him off from any woman who is smarter, prettier, richer, or anything-er than her. With such a self-absorbed, self-hating individual, this means every other woman on the planet. Sever his ties to his mama and female relatives. Never let him out of her sight – other women might steal him!

    So life as a female Scott Pilgrim – nothing like you see in the movie.

  2. Absolutely. I don’t see how folks can be fans of the series/movie without noticing that the fiction’s key arc is about how he’s a rather shitty person; this fact is kind of key!

    I hadn’t thought about how “slacker” (in it’s most generous, media-friendly sense) is a rather privileged trope.

    • Yea, I always thought the whole point of Scott Pilgrim is that he goes from being a total asshole to someone who is still an asshole, but less bad.

      Well, when poor black men are ‘slackers’- stay on folk’s couches, playing video games and using soft drugs, they are considered criminals at worst and blots on society/the black race at best.

  3. If Scott Pilgrim wasn’t a hetero male Christian paleface, he’d still be a pathetic wanker.

  4. Also: it’s a Canadian comic. They’re always a bit defensive when it comes to being overshadowed by their neighbors to the south, so it’s a whole white-privilege-with-a-chip-on-its-shoulder thing … which actually makes it worse, doesn’t it.

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