My Confession

Dear Feminism, Womanism, LGBTQ Rights, and Other Forms of Social Justice,

I tried to keep it to myself, but I can’t do it any longer. This has been weighing on me since it happened, but I simply have to tell someone.

On Monday, July 5, the day right after I arrived home from a retreat for WOW Cafe Theatre, I committed a crime against so many of the things I stand for.

On that day, I went to see Twilight: Eclipse.

I used my debit card to buy a ticket. I paid for snacks. I got there early to watch the previews. I rationalized that by spending money on Twilight: Eclipse, I would earn points to spend on snacks or something for a movie I’ve been looking forward to. But –

I’m so sorry. I can’t – hold on, I need a minute to collect myself.

Speaking of the movie, I could have walked away. I could have switched my ticket with someone else. But I didn’t. I got to the theater early so I could see the previews. I watched the whole thing. With Edward and Bella and Jacob. Vampires, werewolves and true love.

I understand that I did something very wrong, and I’m open to making amends to re-establish my connection to social justice and progressive politics. I’ve already offered to put my membership at WOW up to the collective for this inexcusable breach of trust.

I am so deeply sorry for tarnishing my queer womanist cred by spending money on sparkly vampires and werewolves with washboard abs.

I have been unfaithful, and I will do anything to earn back your trust.

Yours truly,


P.S. Go team Jacob.