So you like what Ars Marginal is about and what we’re doing, and you want to help out. There are a few ways you can do that right now.

You can always write something for Ars Marginal. We’re trying to recruit a core group of 4 or 5 contributors, and guest bloggers are always welcome.

While we love original content exclusive to us, we understand that people are busy with their jobs and families and relationships and shit. That whole having a life thing. So if you just want Ars Marginal to link to something you already wrote, leave a comment here and tell us how to get in touch.

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BTW, since RVCBard is the HBIC up in here, you can also donate to Crossroads Theatre Project because it’s just the shit we want to see more of.

16 thoughts on “HELPING AND SHIT

  1. Hey there!

    I love the crap out of what Ars Marginal is up to in a cultural/critical way. Are you still looking for contributors or guest bloggers?

    I’m a lifelong book geek and current erotic romance author who has taught film classes (badly), worked at bookstores, and spent way too much time talking about how Homer’s Iliad and the Toy Story movies really have quite a lot in common when you think about it. Lately I’m kind of obsessed with parallels between Castle and Remington Steele. I throw a lot of words around, and every now and then something sticks.

    Here is a link to my most recent post:

    Let me know if this sounds interesting, and thanks for all the work you do!


  2. I’ve been missing your fierce wit and truth-telling since Stuff White People Do went on hiatus, so imagine my joy at finding Ars Marginal! A long-time fantasy lover who has wrestled with the Unbearable Whiteness of Being in my chosen genre for years, its great to find another resource (besides the too-infrequently-updated The Andry Black Woman) analyzing these genres from marginalized perspectives. I would love to contribute at some point, but for now I’m just glad to be here!

  3. I just found an interesting story (through TV Tropes, oddly) about Billy Tipton, a trans man and bandleader from the 1940s. It would be interesting if he was featured in a trans history post or something–I don’t know much about being trans, but I’ve read about the erasure of the trans experience in other places online, so if anyone’s interested, here’s the wiki.

    P.S. Let me know if this is in the wrong place!

    • Historical stuff is not really what Ars Marginal is good for, although if there’s a particular piece about that individual and how it frames trans identity and trans issues, that would work.

  4. I still stand on the issue on abortion, but I’m not going to comment any further on the topic since people have strong opinions on it. It’s a touchy topic for me too. But I will mind my words and consider people’s feelings about the issue and others to come. I will say again: “I’LL MIND MY WORDS AND CHOSE WHAT I’M GOING TO SAY.”

    • You not commenting on it isn’t the thing, though; instead of acknowledging why what you said were wrong, all you are saying is “meh, I’ll just shut up about it now because my opinion is unpopular.” Do you at all understand why people were fucking angry at you when you said that shit?

  5. Girl, BYE!

    You’re disappointed in us, huh? Keep your disappointment. We are not kids that you can scold. We are not here to be bossed around by you like we’re on the set of “The Help.” Believe it or not, your WW fee fees are not paramount and will not rule this site either directly or passive-aggressively.

    And as effed-up as Jarronnelums views on abortion and women’s sexual autonomy are (and they ARE totes fugged no one here has said anything to the contrary then OR now), he at least got himself together enough to realize his views ain’t running this ship which is a damn sight more than you.

    In view of your flounce, these are for you:

  6. Great site. I write a sympathetic blog with several areas of overlap. My most recent post analyzes Twilight and pop culture vampires in terms of rape:

    One of my very first posts looked at whether Batman and Robin were gay:

    Let me know if you might be interested in linking, re-posting, guest posting, etc.

    Chris Gavaler

    • Thanks. I’ll add you to the blog roll.

      I don’t normally do comic books myself, but I think Neo-Prodigy and Triple J do. Check out a few of their posts and let them know if any of them really pique your interest. As always, we’d appreciate linkage back to Ars Marginal. We welcome more people reading and commenting as long as they have home training.

  7. Hi all,
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so apologies in advance. I just wanted to let you all know about webcomic series that I am working on with a Canadian artist called INITIUM.The story features five POC teenagers with enhanced abilities due to genetic experiments. We are releasing the next part of the story, Book 2 | Julliet: A Time to Reap, on April 1 at 9pm EST. If you are interested, please join us on Facebook:
    or visit our site for more info:


  8. Question from the back row…do you accept submissions from straight white guys?

    I ask because I know that…
    A: as a straight white dude who is also a geek fan, there are plenty of places I can go and be welcome on the Internet, places I’ll be around people just like me. I’m looking for a different experience, but it’s your choice whether or not this site feels like providing that.

    B: While I might not be looking to fight about whether privilege exists or over-representation of people of my intersection is a thing (my answers: yes and holy crap yes), plenty of people say that and then don’t end up meaning it. So I figured I’d save us both a lot of time if you don’t even want to have that discussion – see A for why.

    C: It’s always polite to knock on someone’s door and identify oneself – to say nothing of asking permission – before assuming any sort of entry right. If this is supposed to be a place for marginalized people to discuss things without interference from people like me, that’s cool. Again, see A for why.

    I recognize that posting here probably won’t be pleasant for me, but that’s kind of the point. And if you don’t want to take a chance on yet another white liberal, I can certainly understand…but I’ve got the perspective of someone raised under the Anglo Hype Machine – who is heartily sick of it -, I feel that might be valuable to you maybe, and I’d like the chance to offer it.

    If you are willing to accept a tourist who’ll do his best to remember he’s a tourist, I’d like to post here. If not, I’ll go away without a fuss.

    • Thanks for asking.

      Ars Marginal is open to accepting stuff by people who respect what this space is about, what it’s meant to do, and for whom. It’s not just the content that sets Ars Marginal apart. It’s also the safe space it creates for marginalized perspectives to be shared with utmost candor. As long as someone’s participating doesn’t detract from that, it’s all good.

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