Meet Billy

So the Buffyverse is getting its first gay male slayer.

I’m a little bit intrigued by this. Joss has mentioned previously in interviews that he’s been wanting to do a project or a story with a gay male lead.

However I’ve also got some concerns.

I do hope this story doesn’t utilize the classic homophobic trope to qualify how gay men are honorary women as we’ve seen in countless other stories.

I’ve also got concerns that Jane Espenson is involved with this story given how she broke my heart with that homophobic series, Husbands.

From what I read in the article, the story seems to be well-planned and the the preview panels look promising. I’m going to reserve judgment until I’ve read the entire story arc.

But being a proud Whedonite and a MSM, suffice it to say, I’ll be watching. Obviously. ;-)


One thought on “Meet Billy

  1. Hah I’ve written a post for Fangs tomorrow which pretty much says exactly the same thing

    I’m hopeful. I want this to be good – and gods’ know we need more gay men in comics and more gay men in action roles. But i’m concerned that they’ve decided Billy needs to be a slayer – a role that is exclusively female (and he’s not getting any powers from it) – when previous human men who fought vampires/demons didn’t need to be – Gunn, Wesley, Giles, Xander, etc didn’t become male slayers, so I have to question why suddenly it’s the gay man who is presented as an imitation (a weaker version). Can it be done unproblematically? Sure – with him doing something above and beyond your standard fighters that makes him become a Slayer, something that sets him apart and above which means this title belongs to him even without the powers – but then he shouldn’t have the title yet – that should develop.

    I hope that’s how they do it – but then, past experience makes me cynical.

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